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Walter Kerr Theatre | New York, New York


The captivating production known as HADESTOWN has transformed into among the exceptional Broadway shows of the current era. Setting itself apart with its unique spin of the Greek tale, this musical dives into the shadowy realms of the underworld and revival. It went on to win multiple Tony Awards, including the coveted title of ‘Best Musical,' and continues to fascinate audiences currently. Fantastic updates for all the residents of New York, New York – the Broadway sensation is on its way to your city!

Get ready to witness the mesmerizing narrative of the ill-fated young lovers, Orpheus and Eurydice, transpire right in front of you during this live performance. The momentous event is scheduled to occur at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Thursday 30th May 2024. This modern version of the age-old Greek origin tale will seize your heartstrings and arouse an array of feelings. With a fantastic score crafted by the genius Anaïs Mitchell, the musical is set to leave an indelible mark which will stay with you perpetually.

Book your seats to Hadestown without delay! This highly awaited show is a favorite with spectators spanning generations, and now, you can finally to enjoy it live and in person. Don't let this opportunity pass! Click ‘GET TICKETS’ to procure your admission right away!

Experience the absolute pandemonium of Hadestown with Hadestown on Thursday 30th May 2024 at the outstanding Walter Kerr Theatre for a night of splendour, melodies and grand story telling. Ensure your tickets now and escape disappointment, because now is your year to enjoy the hottest theatre of 2024. Hadestown tells a version of a classic myth. The messenger god Hermes introduces the audience to a world where mortals exist and god’s dominate. Created by distinguished singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and pioneering director Rachel Chavkin, Hadestown is a tale of the meshed fates of Orpheus, Eurydice, Hades and Persephone. What happens when humans and deities collide in a mix of yearnings and feelings? Will fortunes be eternally altered? Can pure love stand against the wills of the gods? Hadestown is a story that warns of the dangers of love combined with hesitation. Enjoy an evening in the opulent venue and revel in the Ancient Greek setting of the connected stories of mortals and gods with Hadestown on Thursday 30th May 2024 AT Walter Kerr Theatre. Secure your tickets before time runs out! Avoid disappointment, engage in a musical that will forever stay with you and be there on Thursday 30th May 2024 with Hadestown at the magnificent venue Walter Kerr Theatre, New York, New York, for a date with The Fates.

Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre

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