The Walter Kerr Theatre address below can be put into into Google Maps or your preferred satellite navigation system to make your journey much easier:

219 W 48th Street, New York City, New York 10036

Note: Traffic in New York City nearer to the Walter Kerr Theatre is known to be busier around times of major events. Please allow plenty of time to arrive, park and walk to the entrance.

Walter Kerr Theatre is located at 219 W 48th St in New York City. The theatre is close to several parking options listed below in order of proximity to the theatre. Use your preferred GPS or mapmaking software to find the best directions to the venue.

Parking Information

  • Quik Park – Crowne Garage
    • 0.01 mi away at 215 W. 48th St.
  • Icon Parking – Port Parking, LLC Garage
    • 0.03 mi away at 235 W. 48th St.
  • Icon Parking – Alva 47 Parking LLC Garage
    • 0.05 mi away at 257 W. 47th St.
  • Icon Parking – Zenith Parking LLC Garage
    • 0.1 mi away at 790 8th Ave.
  • LAZ Parking – 247 W. 46th St. Garage
    • 0.1 mi away at 247 W. 46th St.
  • iPark – 304 West 49th Parking Corp. Garage
    • 0.14 mi away at 304 W. 49th St.