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Walter Kerr Theatre | New York, New York


Welcome to HADESTOWN, where a song can change your fortune. Come, on a terrifying journey to the very bowels of the underworld with Walter Kerr Theatre in the city of New York presents, on the Sunday 18th February 2024, Hadestown! Where the lord of hell, King Hades resides, together with his unsettled wife the Queen of Summer herself, Persephone. Together they control the last living space left in all the cosmos, The Factory. Come with us, as Orpheus descends down into the underworld to reclaim his missing love Eurydice… be on your guard young wanderer, for Hades is not known for releasing those souls that which have been permitted him.

Hadestown is a production that cannot be missed. Secure your seats for Sunday 18th February 2024 at the Walter Kerr Theatre to be introduced to Hadestown, where destinies can change with the hush of a song and where Ruler Hades lords over the underworld, gripping all the authority. Audiences will be guided through a journey with Orpheus, Eurydice, Hades and Persephone as souls and gods clash in an entwined tale - the deceit of Hades as lord of Hadestown and his love for the goddess Persephone interlink Orpheus and Eurydice’s fates to their unruly opinions. Can the lovers defeat such formidable deities? Audiences’ humanity will be questioned by the poignant lyrics, melodies, authentic performances and timeless narrative of Hadestown. Walter Kerr Theatre is apt at taking audiences to Hadestown with its high quality equipment to completely show off the timeless story where you will be transported to the atmospheric backdrop of Ancient Greece. New York, New York has plenty of parking facilities, eateries to eat at and hotels available to make sure your time is stress free. Ensure your places to enjoy the night at the Walter Kerr Theatre, New York, New York on Sunday 18th February 2024 for the timeless Hadestown. 2024 is your time to go and see how a melody and uncertainty can transform your fate.

Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre

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