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Walter Kerr Theatre | New York, New York


Whether or not you're an enthusiast of historic Greek myths or not, rest assured – HADESTOWN is the optimal musical choice for you. The awe-inspiring production of HADESTOWN is preparing to grace the stage in New York, New York. Be prepared for an unforgettable journey! The compelling story of unfortunate lovers Orpheus and Eurydice will definitely have you enthralled, hoping for a better outcome.

This astounding musical stands as a recipient of both the Tony and Grammy Awards for its outstanding successes. Upon its premiere, it garnered glowing feedback and critical acclaim. This spellbindingly mesmerizing musical captures the very essence of the underworld, offering you an opportunity to grasp and appreciate it beyond the realm of fear. With its composition of music, lyrics, and book crafted by Anaïs Mitchell, Hadestown is an absolute must-see during this spring. Be present for the live rendition at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Friday 10th May 2024!

Join the sheer pandemonium of Hadestown with Hadestown on Friday 10th May 2024 at the outstanding Walter Kerr Theatre for a night of splendour, music and grand story telling. Secure your places today and escape disappointment, for now is the moment to experience the hottest theatre of 2024. Hadestown chronicles a version of a classic myth. The Greek god Hermes introduces the audience to a world where mortals exist and god’s lead. Created by celebrated singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and pioneering director Rachel Chavkin, Hadestown is a tale of the meshed fates of Orpheus, Eurydice, Hades and Persephone. What happens when humans and gods clash in a mix of longings and feelings? Can destinies be eternally changed? Can pure love stand against the choices of the gods? This musical is a show that teaches of the dangers of love mixed with hesitation. Enjoy an evening in the comfortable setting and experience the Ancient Greek backdrop of the interlinking tales of mortals and gods with Hadestown on Friday 10th May 2024 AT Walter Kerr Theatre. Book your places now! Sidestep disappointment, prepare for a musical that will forever be with you and be there on Friday 10th May 2024 with Hadestown at the magnificent location Walter Kerr Theatre, New York, New York, for your date with The Fates.

Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre

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