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Regardless of whether you're an enthusiast of historic Greek myths or not, rest assured – HADESTOWN is the optimal musical selection for you. The remarkable production of HADESTOWN is preparing to grace the stage in New York, New York. Be prepared for an unforgettable journey! The intriguing narrative of ill-fated lovers Orpheus and Eurydice will certainly have you captivated, hoping for a positive resolution.

This astounding musical stands as a recipient of both the Tony and Grammy Awards for its outstanding successes. Upon its premiere, it garnered rave reviews and commendation from critics. This bewitchingly captivating musical embodies the very essence of the underworld, offering you an chance to grasp and appreciate it beyond the confines of fear. With its composition of music, lyrics, and book crafted by Anaïs Mitchell, Hadestown is an absolute must-see during this winter. Attend for the live performance at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Wednesday 10th January 2024!

The talented Anaïs Mitchell wrote the music, lyrics, and book for the musical Hadestown. It recounts a reimagined version of the time-honored myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Eurydice, a youthful woman facing starvation, ventures to work in a harsh industrial portrayal of the Greek underworld to escape poverty and the biting cold. Her lover Orpheus, a destitute singer-songwriter, embarks on a journey to save her.

During its first Broadway launch, the musical garnered 14 Tony Awards mentions, achieving eight coveted accolades. It earned itself the desired title of ‘Best Musical,’ greatly delighting the ardent fans. The presentation premiered on Broadway on April 17, 2019, garnering accolades. It was acclaimed for its direction and the exceptional performance of André De Shields. The New York Times described it as "exquisite" and "mesmerizing," praising its improvement over the New York Theatre Workshop version. David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter stated it "absolutely fabulous," specially commending Gray and Page's exceptional performances.

TimeOut NY encourages its audience to enjoy the marvelous interpretation of Hadestown. They expressed, “Here's my advice: Go to hell. And by hell, of course, I'm referring to Hadestown, Anaïs Mitchell's captivating and passionate new Broadway performance. In essence, the production reinterprets the ancient Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice: A lad encounters a girl, they fall in love, they face hardships, they go through trials, yet they find themselves in the underworld—sounds like an old tale, doesn't it? But it's Anaïs Mitchell's contemporary take on this timeless tale—and Rachel Chavkin's—that brought life back into this traditional narrative.”

Now your opportunity to be part of the outstanding show of Hadestown this winter! People in New York, New York, here's your moment to watch or re-experience one the greatest musical shows of this generation. The show's timeless tale of star-crossed romance is an essential! The music will resonate in your minds long after the show ends. Get ready to enter the realm of Hadestown at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Wednesday January 2024! Don't hesitate—Tickets are presently up for grabs here, therefore get yours before they're gone!

Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre

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