Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre

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Walter Kerr Theatre | New York, New York


Tuesday 3rd October 2023 is your time to join Hadestown for a night of trickery, hope and epic adventure. You do not need to miss out, so book your tickets now and be there. Walter Kerr Theatre is showing the poignant story of two mortals, Orpheus and Eurydice, and the two gods, Hades and Persephone. The strength of the two humans is tested to their limits by the power of Hades and his realm. What will happen when they crash in ‘Way Down Hadestown’, their separate wants conflicting? Find out on Tuesday 3rd October 2023 at the Walter Kerr Theatre and be present for the musical Hadestown and book your tickets today.

Why don't you head on down to Walter Kerr Theatre this October! Because guess what is back on broadway? Thats right the iconic Hadestown! In town for a night of hits, dancing and the best time you've had all year! Once you're seated, the fun starts! Receiver of many a 10/10 reviews calling it one of the unrivaled venues in the country, the unbelievable Walter Kerr Theatre in New York, New York will be showing Hadestown in fall, 2023. Held in the highest regard for theatres, the welcoming vibe is absolutely enticing, not only does it offer a range of facilities it also claims the best spot in town! If you want to see Hadestown in the flesh on Tuesday 3rd October 2023 then you have the opportunity! follow the button below to secure your tickets this instant, you wont regret it!

Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre

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