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Walter Kerr Theatre | New York, New York


Spend the night with The Fates and Hermes as they steer you through the legend of woe,humanity and love with Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre on Thursday 29th February 2024, so buy your tickets now before they are vended out. New York, New York is proud to be the hosting place of Hadestown, showing the inspirational performance of a musical that will haunt you for forever. music, smashing acting and a twisting journey will grab your spirit with the troubles of Orpheus and Eurydice as the gods, Hades and Persephone, tamper with their fates. immerse yourself for an evening in the opulent venue and experience the interlinking stories of humans and deities with Hadestown ON Thursday 29th February 2024 AT Walter Kerr Theatre, and ensure your place and be there.

Hadestown is a production that cannot be missed. Puchase your seats for Thursday 29th February 2024 at the Walter Kerr Theatre to be introduced to Hadestown, where fates can change with the whisper of a tune and where king Hades reigns over the underworld, having all the control. You will be guided through a story with Orpheus, Eurydice, Hades and Persephone as souls and gods clash in an entwined tale - the deception of Hades as ruler of the underworld and his love for the goddess Persephone entwine Orpheus and Eurydice’s destinies to the gods’ wayward wiles. Can the human souls out smart such powerful deities? Audiences’ humanity will be examined by the evocative lyrics, songs, authentic performances and timeless story of Hadestown. Walter Kerr Theatre is apt at taking audiences to the underworld with its high quality gear to completely show off the enduring story where you will be whisked away to the beautiful backdrop of Ancient Greece. New York, New York has a lot of parking facilities, restaurants to eat at and accommodation available to ensure your time is a wonderful time. Ensure your seats to spend the night at the Walter Kerr Theatre, New York, New York on Thursday 29th February 2024 for the musical Hadestown. 2024 is your time to experience how a song and doubt can alter your fate.

Hadestown at Walter Kerr Theatre

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